Dear FAT FAT FAT family members,

it’s been a long time since our last communication, many things have happened and changed in the meantime. 

Today, we're back to you with an important update about all the tickets bought for the 2020 edition and pending till now: for the next fourteen days, you can ask for a total refund of the ticket cost or decide to donate it - only if you are willing and really able to support us, obviously! Ticket holders are receiving an email showing all the possibilities.

This is because - whatever happens in the next weeks - we are aware that there cannot be a proper festival this summer, at least not in the way we all know it. 

Another summer without our beloved festival doesn't mean another summer without FAT FAT FAT. In fact, starting again from scratch, we're trying to offer you a new and fresh format, suitable to the current situation.  

We want to share again good music & positive feelings under the sun of Le Marche with you all, this August! We're working hard to make it real, and we'll have more to say really soon!